Hastings & Hastings has created several departments to fulfill the individual needs of each client. These departments have been structured to meet the ever-changing trends within the industry. Our staff is highly trained to address each request thoroughly and professionally.

Direct Placement

By combining extensive knowledge of the staffing industry with the latest in computer technology, Hastings & Hastings is able to offer you employees who are not only highly qualified, but who also take pride in their work. In addition, our Professional Placement Consultants have the expertise you would expect after having utilized our unique methods for an average of over thirty years! We commit ourselves to interpreting the priorities of our clients as well as those of our candidates, thereby ensuring the best possible match. Once we have obtained a clear picture of your requirements and work environment, our accomplished Placement Consultants will work closely with you to select only those candidates who meet your needs. We utilize our meticulous screening method, which always includes an in-depth, face-to-face interview.

Temporary Staffing

Hastings & Hastings Temporary employees are thoroughly screened by the same in-depth, face-to-face interview we use to select our direct hire candidates. We do not rely upon test results and reference checks alone. The Hastings & Hastings interview has proven to consistently determine not only ability, but reliability and honesty as well. Our in-house staff members have been completely trained to uncover costly problems before they happen! Great care is taken to ensure a successful working relationship with our clients. We feel confident that you will be extremely pleased with the efforts and abilities of our team of Professional Temporary Coordinators to overcome any problems that may arise.

Temporary to Placement

Since many of our clients prefer to start an employee on a temporary basis before hiring directly, Hastings & Hastings has developed a team of Consultants who are dedicated to filling Temporary to Placement positions. Your firm may hire our Temporary at any time by using our “Temporary Specialist Program” to buy out the contract.

For information on rates and fees, please call 305-374-2255 and one of our Consultants will be happy to help you.

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